I Humbly ask for your support and vote.

Welcome to my campaign page.  My name is Larry Owens. I am a candidate for Fayette County Coroner. Please checkout my site to learn more about me and my vision.

How can one have a vision for the Coroner's Office given what that office does? I do. This office is one that touches the lives of many citizens both in and out of Lexington-Fayette County.

I am a National Registry Paramedic and work for a 911 EMS service in Eastern Kentucky. I have over 48 years in public service and have served in several capacities. Please visit my about me page.

Please join with me to replace the current Coroner who has on numerous occasions demonstrated his complete disrespect and disregard for the people he was elected to serve and was Fired by UK for leaving 230+ cremated bodies on the shelf in his lab.

I have included the results of the audit UK performed on the program and the letter the UK President sent to all the families of the deceased. Please visit the page and download the reports.

In a separate case he referred to a family as "stupid". He thought they didn't have the mental capacity to bury their loved one that had been left in the cooler in the Coroners office for over 26 years. I asked him why the body was still there, but he didn't answer, just walked away..

We chose to include a memorial page for our granddaughter Kaylie who recently died as a result of a motor vehicle collision. Please visit her memorial page to read about her.