In October 2014 a relative of a former professor at UK who had donated his body to the program was attempting to garner answers as to when his deceased relatives remains were to be return to him. He was not receiving any answers from Mr. Ginn who was the coordinator of the program. He went to the Administration at UK and the audit was started. In January 2015 the following reports were released from UK regarding Inconsistencies and misdoings in the Body Bequeathal Program and of Mr. Ginn. He was subsequently terminated at the same time the report was released. Another interesting fact of the audit is they found there is a "possible conflict of interest between Mr. Ginn's position as coordinator and that of Fayette County Coroner".

I've also Included here is the court filing of the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Mr. Ginn.

If you would like to read more about the details of the investigation and the lawsuit; please feel free to download the following documents.

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