The Coroner’s Office is generally not first in the public eye. However, its position places it at the forefront of discovering many new drugs, diseases, trends or other detriments to public health.

I see it as a useful tool to help the public. There are many boards and committees the Coroner's Office participates Child Fatality Review Committee and Domestic Violence committee. During my time there, Fayette Co. Schools only had very few presentations by a Deputy, and it ended with no further contact.

For many years I chaired the Child Fatality Review Committee because my opponent was too busy doing other things. He was the one that should have been there.

The Coroner's Office should be involved with the Fayette County Schools and other agencies promoting positive activities and opportunities for kids.

I started in EMS "way back" when I was 15 with a funeral home ambulance service. Unfortunately this is almost impossible to be done now due to regulations and legal hurdles. I would love to see kids have the start I did.

Young people are bombarded by so many distractions today it is unbelievable. Some are as simple as a smart phone game addiction to selling drugs. Kids need to be re-directed to positive endeavors not gangs, drugs, guns and other destructive activities.

 When they travel this path, they most likely will wind up in my office in a bag on a table.  

Another issue that is very sensitive is Elder Abuse. There are many instances where the death of the elderly may very well come under the Coroner's Office.

While nursing homes are by design for elderly patients that are at the end of life, there are certain events that may require the Coroner’s attention.

I AM NOT advocating that the Coroner’s Office investigate ALL deaths nursing homes, but deaths that may involve abuse, neglect or other events should at least rate a call to the office for evaluation. These types of deaths may call for police involvement and possible criminal prosecution.

Every election cycle the public is bombarded with all sorts of political ad’s, promises and slogans. Yes, I have this vision and ideas for the office and for the general public as a whole, but I CAN’T do it alone. Other agencies and groups and YOU the citizens of Lexington, must be on board with this.

The start is to remove the current Coroner who has shown complete disregard, disrespect and flatly insulting families. Not to forget, sexual harassment, neglect of his duties and too many more offenses to be listed.

Please join with me for the change that is so badly needed. On November 6th, please vote Larry Owens for Fayette County Coroner.

Thank you for your support and vote. Please pass the word along. Together WE will make a difference.